Customer-Based Collection Development: An Overview

Book shout out! I’ve been systematically working my way through basically everything ever written about demand driven acquisitions and this book really stands out. It’s a collection of chapters from a diverse range of libraries that have been experimenting in different ways with customer driven collection development plans. There are classic interlibrary loan to purchase programs as well as sleek electronic to electronic contrast experiments. It’s a solid intro to the wide world of customer driven purchasing.

Another thing that has become clear through my research (and this is maybe not news to anyone else) is that Brigham Young University‚Äôs Library is absolutely top notch. It’s maybe the most radical acquisitions department in the country. The level of experimentation and the publishing output is incredible. WTG!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for that special library someone, I highly recommend Customer-Based Collection Development: An Overview.